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The Network All Women in Business Should Know About

Do you want to go to another networking event where it’s mostly men and you feel a bit awkward or not supported? No. You want to show everyone how strong and powerful you are in your field. Or you are looking for someone like you to help guide you to where you want to be. You want a supportive and positive network to help you get to the next level of your business.

The average female US startup is receiving $5,000 less in loan money than the male counterpart. All-female founding teams are only representing 2.8% of the capital invested.

That’s where DWEN comes in. Dell Women’s Entrepreneurial Network is a group of supportive women from all over the world to come together to build lasting relationships and connections for women in business to change these numbers.

A woman at her desk, working
Keren Levand

What DWEN Does

DWEN focuses on helping women no matter what stage in their life they are at, and not matter where in the world they are at. If they are still in school, just starting out as a new entrepreneur, or have been running their own business for years, any female can benefit from being a part of this community. You will be joining a group of more than 20,000 members.

To help on a more local level, there are smaller chapter meetings so that you are with people who are more in touch with your own community. Though the chapters are still a little larger, it will be easier to become more connected with that group than with all 20,000 plus members.

What DWEN Offers

Even though the network is large, there is still room for one-on-one coaching sessions. The topics are varied and cover topics like leadership and marketing. They even fight for government funding for small businesses.

You can also get connections to a variety of supporters and advisors. If you struggle with technology, you can find other entrepreneurs who are great at utilizing it with their own business.

Of course you will be able to utilize Dell’s ecosystem because they have helped some female businesses get work in various branches at Dell.

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DWEN Cares

They aren’t only about helping you pay the next month’s bills. They want to see you really grow and get to where you want your business to be, whatever that looks like for you.

They aren’t only about making sure one target area or business is taken care of. No matter where you live or what your experience is, they want all members to help each other become more inspired to reach any goal.

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Amy Hirschi

Celebrating 10 Years

Since its inception, DWEN has been able to really study how cities support their local female owned businesses. They have helped over 40,000 women in business. They have also spent over $3 billion every year since 2012 to help women and minority owned small businesses and their suppliers.

The first DWEN summit in 2010 had only 50 women from 11 countries to help women overcome the barriers that are normally put up around female business owners. Now DWEN can boast members in 98 countries.

From financial services to marketing to IT to healthcare, all industries can share content, materials, and knowledge.

Keep Moving Forward

DWEN wants to continue to grow the network of females and the community of entrepreneurs and investors to help create a larger network to learn from and share stories of how goals were accomplished. Whether in person or online, DWEN will continue to advise women in any way they can.

One last bonus is that you will get special offers and discounts on Dell products. You can use Dell technology to help grow your business.

If you want to be surrounded by a group of powerful, strong, thoughtful, and caring women who want nothing but to see you succeed, then you need to be a part of Dell Women’s Entrepreneurial Network.

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