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Team building activities to try right now

Promoting a healthy work culture and creating a unified team rarely come about organically. Team-building takes work, thought, and time, but with the proper elements in place—including setting aside time for specific team-oriented exercises—it’s possible for every member of a team to experience the benefits of having shared values and goals.

Finding the right  activities, of course, has everything to do with how effective the outcome of an exercise will be. For some teams, leaving the office setting and expanding traditional workplace parameters may hold plenty of potential for enriching and invigorating group dynamics. Whether it’s a day on the ski slopes, an afternoon of target practice in the woods, or a session in a music studio, expanding personal and professional comfort zones is an ideal way to deepen bonds and foster trust.

As any good manager knows, encouraging workplace camaraderie is essential to the health of an organization, and team-building exercises are a key way to create that sense of community. Going beyond the office environment and broadening professional constructs strengthens interpersonal relationships in ways that ultimately yield results within an office setting. If you’re considering a team-building exercise for your group, investing in some of the innovative and accessibly-priced products we’ve featured above may help towards your goal of a more united team and robust working environment.

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Great team building with outdoor grilling
Five coworkers talk in an outdoor area

One great way to establish team building is to have an outdoor grill party. When the weather is right, grilling outdoors is a wonderful break from indoor dining and creates a relaxed attitude in the attendees. The outdoor setting is great for having great conversations and great food. Co-workers will like getting together in a low key environment when we set the stage for fun and relaxation.  Here are some ideas to help create this perfect team building plan and add some fun for the office environment.

Now with these essential items having a team building session will be a breeze. The entertainment value of grilling and music will delight everyone. The potential of brainstorming can be captured on the chalkboard. A great mix of fun and work for everyone.

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5 camping essentials for your next team building retreat
Coworkers high five outdoors after doing a team building exercise

That dreaded email: there’s a mandatory work trip. You’ll either be elated or devastated to know that your essential travels are for team building rather than actual business, but you’re not alone if you find yourself unprepared for camping with your coworkers. If you’re not one of the folks who have outdoor gear at the ready, it’s time to go shopping.
Luckily, outdoor companies like Wise Owl carry more than enough camping gear and creature comforts to help you make it through your next (or even your first) company team-building retreat. Even better—they’re all available for purchase and delivery on Amazon! Just because your team-building retreat will be a lot of work doesn’t mean your packing has to be.

Remember, company camping trips don’t have to be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the great outdoors, you can absolutely make the best of it. Sure, it may take a few creature comforts to make the difference, but if it makes you happy—who cares! You should feel free to enjoy your weatherproof shelter and fancy camping towel to your heart’s content.
With your high-tech outdoor equipment at the ready, you’re sure to impress your coworkers, too. They’ll appreciate your preparation and dedication to the trip, while you enjoy staying warm, dry, and bug bite-free for the entire trip. You’re welcome!

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