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5 ways to entertain all the kids at your next company party

Hosting a company party that includes kids is a fine idea, but finding ways to keep those kids happy and entertained for hours is another matter altogether. With their short attention spans, unfamiliarity with an office setting, and possible shyness around children they’ve never met before, kids in the workplace present a particular challenge for any company party-planner.

The key, then, is to create an appealing environment in which children, whether toddlers or tweens, feel comfortable enough to enjoy themselves while engaging with other children. Below, we’ve selected some games and products that are both easy to set up and take down—and which can effortlessly turn an office environment into a joyful, fun-filled place for children.

Fostering a sense of camaraderie is essential for any healthy company culture, and planning a party that includes colleagues’ spouses and children is one way to encourage meaningful interoffice relationships. Creating the right ambiance for children, though, requires particular thought and investment, but the payoff is one that children (and their parents) will appreciate. Consider the games and products we’ve selected, above, for your next company party. They’re accessibly priced, easy to set up, and sure to keep both young and older kids happily occupied for hours—while their parents get to enjoy themselves, too.

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