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These clever art supplies won’t break the bank

Attaining work-life balance is, for most of us, a lifelong quest, and fostering creative interests outside the workplace is key to managing that balancing act. Living within a budget—another lifelong challenge for most of us—doesn’t mean stinting on personal creative pursuits, especially if making art is one of them. Affordable art supplies, available in abundance, are a useful reminder that creative expression doesn’t have to translate into big bucks.

Accessibly priced art supplies, like those featured below, make a case for a little going a long way. Designed for the experienced artist and novice alike, these creative tools—colored pencils, permanent acrylic markers, dry-erase chalk—are, when used by capable hands, just as likely to yield arresting works of art as the most coveted oils and acrylics.

Creativity, it’s good to remember, doesn’t necessitate a hefty paycheck, nor does it demand a significant occasion. Even conducting ordinary, mundane tasks—crafting a temporary sign, sending a personal letter, wrapping a gift—present opportunities for expressing artistic flair. All that’s needed, it turns out, is a vivid imagination and few innovative tools.

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