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Changing our mattress to increase productivity

We are always looking for ways to increase productivity in the work we do and in the businesses we run. Changing our mattress can have a surprising positive impact. This is because the amount of sleep and the quality of sleep we get each night is vital to our mental focus, our endurance, and our mood. Mental focus can be fractured when we are sleeping poorly because our powers of concentration are lowered when we are tired. Endurance, our physical capacity to sustain work, is lessened when we do not get enough rest. Our mood, which influences our mind set, can plummet when we are exhausted.

The mattress we currently have may not be right for us. It might be old and no longer give adequate support. It might be the wrong support, either too soft or too hard. It may even be that our mattress is not large enough for our needs. Changing our mattress can solve these problems and allow us to get a good nights sleep. This can have a very positive increase to our levels of productivity.

When we change our bed we will change our sleeping habits and this extra rest will bring a vast improvement to our mental focus, endurance, and mood, and these changes will improve our productivity.

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