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5 customer engagement strategies that don’t cost a dime

Customer engagement is a hot topic in the marketing world, and for a good reason. Customer engagements make up the majority of your social media interactions, leading to increased traffic on your website and more conversions. Customer engagement strategies that don’t require a huge budget can be just as powerful as those that do.

In fact, when you pursue the right customer engagement strategies, it can have an incredible impact on things like better customer experiences, increased retention rates. It can also help bring in more customers over time.

In this article, we’ll discuss five customer engagement strategies that will work even if you’re on a tight budget!

Customer engaging with chat bot
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What is customer engagement?

Before we get into strategies for customer engagement, it would be helpful for you to understand what it is. Customer engagement is every way in which you interact with your customers. That can be online or offline. It can be related to things like social media marketing, email marketing, customer feedback on advertising, or service experience surveys. All of it is a back and forth means of communication between you and your target audience.

Of course, there are many examples of customer engagement, but here’s the thing to remember: Focusing on value creation instead of milking your customers for every penny is at the core of good customer engagement. Give people something meaningful, whether that’s excellent content, real-time customer support (this one’s huge), or by providing an optimized website experience.

Revenue will come. But it comes as a by-product of the value you commit to providing consistently.

How to increase customer engagement

Optimize your website experience

Customer engagement is not one-size-fits-all, and optimizing your website experience takes various strategies depending on the customer journey.

For example: If you’re focused on lead generation, then it’s likely that you want to optimize for high-quality content (or call-to-actions) at every stage of the customer journey–from their first visit until they’ve completed an order form or submitted contact information so someone in your marketing team can follow up with them.

If, however, you are more concerned about how visitors interact with your products after purchase than before making a purchase, then it might make sense to focus less attention on conversion rates and conversions as part of the optimization strategy but instead put effort into enhancing customer feedback forms.

Offer personalized service

Offering a personalized service to your customers will increase the engagement level because they know that you care about them. Remember, your customers want products and services that are made especially for them. They want to feel like you care about them as people.

Personalizing a service could be as simple as talking to them like a friend in an email and addressing them by their first name. It could also be something like using geolocation data from their cellphone to send them hyper location-based ads.

Implement a chatbot

Implementing a chatbot increases customer engagement because customers are being taken care of when they first contact your company. A chatbot can answer questions and offer advice to a customer without having to wait for a human representative. Of course, this increases your customer’s ability to get what they need as quickly as possible.

Customer satisfaction levels rise with this type of technology because it’s designed specifically for them and how they interact with you online. The more personalized an experience becomes and the quicker your customer’s needs are met, the better chance there is they’ll want to do business with you in the future!

Capture business analytics

Capturing business analytics is one of the best ways to increase customer engagement. Analytics can help you to understand what’s working and what’s not. You can discover what customers like and dislike.

Marketing, sales, and customer service representatives can use this data for a variety of things, such as identifying trends in your customers’ behavior and planning accordingly.

Customer engagement analytics
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Engage your customers

In order to create a loyal base of customers, it’s important that you engage your customers with the right content. Customer engagement strategies can help you increase brand awareness and encourage repeat business.

Each stage within your customer engagement strategy might be more or less complex, depending on how much you’ve developed it. With that said, there are many other strategies you could put into place besides the ones we’ve discussed above. For instance, you might want to consider using visual engagement tools like video chats. You should definitely take the time to explore all options because customer engagement matters.

Ultimately, there are many ways to engage with your customers today. There are lots of opportunities for you to capture their attention and then their loyalty. Just remember that if you’re not engaging with your customers, your competitors certainly are.

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