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What is a client service representative?

We’ve all heard of a customer service representative and we interact with them often either by phone, virtual chat, or in person. A client service representative is in many ways the same position. However, their job duties can be more specialized than a general customer service representative. The main difference between a client service representative and a customer service representative is how a company defines a customer and a client.

The term client generally implies a more specialized service is being performed, while the term customer is more of a catch-all title for anyone who buys something. Professional services such as wealth managers, freelance writers, and lawyers often refer to their customers as clients. In many cases, it’s because the customer in question is another business paying for a service that they don’t want to create an in-house position for.

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It may seem like semantics, but perception is vital for both the customer and the person you hire to be the client service representative. A client service representative doesn’t simply answer phone calls and field customer complaints. They can be assigned a specialized scope of work to help you provide a one-of-a-kind experience to your client base.

It’s up to you how you utilize the client service representative you hire. But here are some instances where they can be an essential resource within your organization.

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A well-rounded assistant

The client service representative’s main priority is to provide a better overall experience to the client. Most of the time, the primary way for them to do this is by helping you with whatever you need daily. Scheduling appointments, following up with clients, answering basic client questions, answering emails, and helping with other administrative duties are just a few of the ways your business can benefit from a client service representative.

Depending on how often they interact with your clients, you can delegate more responsibilities over time, such as organizing initial client meetings and formulating business proposals. By allowing your client representative to learn the company’s ropes and giving them more autonomy, you can focus on critical business matters.

Perceived professionalism

Imagine you go to meet with a prospective attorney for some litigation assistance. Before you even meet with the attorney, their client service representative greets you with a personalized document that highlights how your case matches up with other similar cases they’ve handled and the success rate. Then they provide a comprehensive breakdown of settlement options.

This example illustrates how utilizing a client service representative to do the upfront legwork with a potential client can help your business stand out among others. It can work for any service business where a high level of perceived professionalism can mean the difference between losing or signing a new client.

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A better understanding of your client’s pain points

A good client service representative solves many of your client’s problems without you even knowing about it. Because of this, your client service representative has a lot of insight into the main issues your clients have with your business. Together, you and your client service rep can address these issues and take steps to implement systems and practices that better serve your clients.

Also, knowing your client’s pain points are crucial for your marketing team. When businesses understand what keeps their clients up at night, their marketing team can address these problems and let prospects know that you’re here to help. Knowing your customer’s pain points is one of the first steps in creating an effective marketing strategy. Be sure not to overlook your client service representative as a valuable resource in attracting new business and improving the overall customer experience. They can be a crucial asset to your company and your success.

If your client base is growing, it could be wise to create a client services representative position(s) within your organization. Not only can this person help deliver a better experience to your client, as well as attract new ones. The ideal candidate for this position will be genuinely interested in your work and have the desire to move up within the company. An excellent client service representative likely won’t be in the role long-term, as hopefully, they can also advance and grow with your business.

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