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Escape the rat race with smart and affordable outdoor gear

The work week may be a pressure filled blur of meetings and deadlines, but weekends are surely meant for taking a much-needed breather from the rat race. Even die-hard city dwellers need an occasional escape from the clamor of city life, and a jaunt into the great outdoors offers more than a few possibilities for decompressing and recharging. The good news is that communing with nature is easier than ever, thanks to innovative outdoor gear that makes the prospect of ditching daily conveniences something to eagerly embrace—not dread.

Below, we’ve selected a few pieces of affordable outdoor gear that anyone from the weekend camper to the daily bicyclist will appreciate. Whether gearing up for an annual camping trip or weekly outdoor escapes, these outdoor tools and equipment illustrate that investing in a few well-made products can be the difference between a bad trip and a great escape.

We know by now that breathing in fresh air, encouraging our bodies to move, and even briefly taking a break from the rigors of the work week are essential for both physical and mental health. If the prospect of embarking on a new outdoor routine sounds daunting, the smart and convenient outdoor gear featured above will, hopefully, illustrate that a cleaner, greener life doesn’t have to mean a wholesale retooling. By investing in a few innovative outdoor products, rejuvenating both body and mind can become a joyful, invigorating exercise.

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