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5 exercise basics to deck out your office gym

For your office gym, choose the right exercise basics to get a midday workout, boost your energy, and stay fit. Having well-chosen gym staples can make working out easier and much more productive. Prepare your office gym and get into shape along or with your co-workers. By cultivating your gym essentials, you’ll get a better workout and minimize the time spent in the gym. Start with versatile exercise basics to help build a strong foundation for your daily workout. 

Make the gym a welcome place to meet your fitness goals with carefully chosen essentials. You can get multiple basics to ensure everyone gets a workout in. Best of all, these staples are simple to store and are effortless to use. You can create a full office gym with a few simple purchases, making workouts fun, enjoyable, and productive.

Make a difference in your office gym by selecting the right workout tools. You’ll get the workout you need while getting a caffeine-free boost during the work day. Even better, many workout essentials can be kept in the office for use between tasks. With regular workouts in tow, your day-to-day productivity increases, as does your overall quality of life.

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5 dietary supplements to keep your health in check
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The quality of our health has been the topic of conversation since the pandemic first started. Staying healthy has never seemed more vital than it does now. Remaining physically active, taking mental health breaks, and eating healthy are necessary to keep our bodies in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, with our hectic work schedules, it can sometimes seem impossible to work out or eat healthy all the time. Taking dietary supplements can help on days we need to nourish our bodies or want extra support. Below are five supplements that improve health, reduce stress, and leave us feeling energized.

If you are looking to improve your health, reduce stress, want a dietary supplement to add to your favorite food and drinks, or have been looking for something new, these American-made ones offer everything to keep you healthy and happy. For complete health, amino acids and electrolytes support several aspects of the body. For weight loss, a better night's sleep, and a healthy gut, the bone broth protein powder is for you. For stress, ashwagandha will help relieve everyday tension, and if you are looking for something with quick absorption, the liquid formulations will work faster.

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Screen-free activities to engage your tween while you work
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Finding entertaining activities becomes more complex as kids get older and their interests narrow. When the fascination with dolls, superheroes, and pretend play fade, it can be tough to find something to engage that kid who’s not really a child anymore – but not quite a full-fledged teenager, either. AKA, a tween: loosely defined as kids between the ages of 8 and 12. One major change at this phase is a newfound sense of independence. “Because of the change in the way they see themselves and each other, pre-adolescents become progressively more attuned to their peers and less identified with their families and parents,” writes Juliann Garey, a journalist, novelist and clinical assistant professor at NYU on the Child Mind Institute website. For your tween who needs to stay busy after school while you have calls or projects to complete, check out these unique picks that encourage that burgeoning sense of exploring the world on their own.

Tweens can be a challenging age group to keep busy, but an activity that sparks their sense of adventure and independence is always a good bet. This is the age that many kids are getting a small taste of freedom for the first time – walking or biking to a friend’s house, going away to overnight camp, or getting dropped off to play at the local park or recreation center. They’ll love these grown-up-ish products that aren’t babyish, but aren’t beyond their years either. From a glow-in-the-dark basketball to safety lights to a travel towel, there’s something here to keep every tween occupied and entertained while you’re finishing up the work day.

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Giveaway prizes that your gym members will love
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Health and wellness are all the rage nowadays. You can find dialogues surrounding body acceptance, mental health, and self-care routines circulating on social media at any given time. New superfoods seem to be introduced to the public monthly. Health-related buzzwords such as “organic”, “non-GMO”, or “body-positive” have become part of everyday conversation. It's true, any time is a good time to focus on your health. A positive way to promote better health is through celebrating it. As a gym owner, you could support your customers on their health journey by offering rewards to your most dedicated members. Here is a list of some gifts that you can use as tokens of appreciation to some lucky gym-goers: 

Giveaways are a great way to recruit new customers as well as retain the ones that you already have. Providing quality customer service is crucial to managing a successful business. You could create a point system so that your customers can work towards a prize. Or you could hold a raffle with a grand prize for subscribers of your gym’s monthly newsletter. You could even include a small gift as a perk for members who register for the highest membership tier. No matter what you decide, you can support your customers as they support your business. Show your customers that they’re a priority with some of these practical workout gifts.

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