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5 ultra-fun instruments to liven up any company celebration

We’ve all been there: the dreaded annual work soiree. You know, the one where everyone stands around nervously fidgeting with their plastic glass of rosé and making small talk about the new printer. Yawn. Well, this year why not switch things up? Company get-togethers are actually great for everyone. They allow coworkers to get to know one another on a whole new level, encourage team building, and boost morale. Work parties don’t have to be dull and boring. These ultra-interesting instruments will not only liven things up but also encourage refreshing conversation. Instead of, “Hey Bob. I like the new staplers we got last week,” the conversation will sound more like, “Heeeeeyyyyy Bob! I went to the coolest concert last weekend! The rhythm was off the charts! These maracas remind me of a tune they played! What’s your favorite musical genre?” Read on to learn more.

It will be interesting to see who chooses which instrument. Will the most outgoing employee choose the cowbells? Will the office manager direct the newly formed band? There’s only one way to find out! When coworkers enjoy the company of one another, productivity and enthusiasm increase. Imagine the buzz around the water cooler the next day! Make this year’s company celebration unlike any other!

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The world of music invites innovation and experimentation. And the beauty of these instruments is they're good for a beginner or someone looking to branch out from a traditional sound. Most of them are also decent values, with a couple investment pieces for extra-serious players. Whether you're looking for a different, charged tone in your violin or want to try an entirely new kind of stringed instrument altogether, there are uncommon instruments out there certain to fit the bill. As usual, all you have to do is learn to play them.

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Electric versions of stringed instruments offer the same excellent function of the acoustic style with one major difference. Playing and practice can occur silently, so this does not disturb others. This is done through an output jack that allows connection to a headset for silent play. This will extend where we can play to any area, including our office.

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Before we pick a violin, we need to understand that they are available in 8 different sizes. The full size is 4/4 and they decrease to the smallest at 1/32. For the best fit, we can measure the length between our neck and the middle of our left hand palm, with our arm in the position like playing a violin. The full size (4/4) will measure 23 inches, 3/4 is 22 inches, and 1/2 is 20 inches, with the sizes continuing to reduce until the 1/32, which is 13 inches.

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