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5 handy kits for a working kitchen garden

Planting a working kitchen garden is a wise investment. Not only does it mean you’ll have ready access to food in your own backyard, or back deck, or rooftop garden. It also lets you grow a quantity of foodstuffs with relatively low starter costs. Not to mention you can plant according to your own tastes: like chili peppers? Plant another row of habaneros. Upping your exercise routine? Grow superfoods to keep you boosted. You might not be harvesting bushels of beets overnight, but any one of these five gardening kits can get you started on the journey to a working kitchen garden.

There are lots of reasons to start your own kitchen garden these days. You might be spending more time at home, in your own kitchen, and cooking a lot more. And maybe you’ve noticed that decent produce is coming in at increasingly higher prices. While it’s an up-front investment, starting your own kitchen garden is ultimately low-cost and (once you get your thumb nice and green) high-yield. Not to mention you can guide your garden to follow your tastes, and keep your crew eating healthy, too.

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