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the best wire kits kit

5 value options for automotive and electrical wiring

All wiring isn't created equal. From gauge to conductivity, here are five value options to fit a variety of automotive and electrical wiring needs.
cloud computing benefits

5 air filter replacement packs for purer home or office air

Air filtration systems require filters. If your filters aren't fresh, your air won't be either. Stock up on these value replacement filters for clean air.
Cleaning inside a vacuum cleaner

5 options for finding the right value vacuum bag

Keeping a steady supply of value vacuum bags like these on hand ensures your household or workplace will run smoothly, and cleanly, with more breathable air.
Using canister vacuum

5 varieties of vacuum filter for a cleaner workspace

Vacuuming is a huge part of household or workspace maintenance, but you're only getting partially clean if you don't have the right variety of vacuum filter.
the best studio microphones for recording mic

5 supplies to keep your audio tool kit strong

Writing and performing music or podcasts is difficult enough. The right gear, from stands to bags to cabling, make all the difference in your setup.
the best 6ft micro usb cables cable 6 ft

5 essential supplies for your gig or studio audio hookup

A music act of any kind is only as good as its cabling. Whatever you play or produce, your gig or studio set-up is incomplete without these essential supplies.
the best wax carving tools

5 useful tools to round out a musician’s setup

Practice makes perfect for a musician, but gear and maintenance supplies tend to wear out and break down. Here's a quick list of music tools to fill the gaps.
best earbuds with microphone

5 grab bag supplies to stock for musicians

Keeping a musical outfit in good shape requires more than practice. Here are five grab bag tools and accessories to keep your sound coming.
Smiling ethnic man

5 uncommon instruments for music lovers

When your inner musician wants to come and play with something a little different, these five uncommon instruments can help you reach a whole new sound.
Man cutting weeds in garden

5 products to outfit your outdoor haven

In an era of at-home living, outdoor spaces can be just as important as indoor spaces, and outfitting them correctly makes all the difference.
Summer cottage with formal garden

5 handy kits for a working kitchen garden

Starting a working kitchen garden might seem like a (metaphorically) uphill task, but the right basic kits can have you planting and harvesting in no time.
Grayscale Photography of Clothes Lot

5 suit staples for every wardrobe

A good day starts with a good suit, but there's more to a complete look. Outfit your wardrobe with these five basics, you'll dress in style from toes to tie.
Large house with enormous lawn

5 simple tools to streamline your home

Sometimes it's the little things, and these five affordable additions to every household have the potential to make life just a bit easier.
how to get a liquor license wall bar

5 essential cocktail kits for the budding mixologist

For budding bartenders and cocktail lovers alike, starting a solid at-home bar is as easy as ordering the right cocktail kit.