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5 value options for automotive and electrical wiring

All wiring is not created equal. Things like pliability, insulation and durability–the ability to withstand elements and erosion—can drastically alter the value and application of a given spool. One massively important factor is the conductor material itself. Plenty of wiring is made with copper-clad aluminum, which degrades more rapidly with time and use, depending on factors like insulation and application. Four out of five of these value options below are OFC-grade, meaning they’re made with 99.9% oxygen-free copper for better conductivity and durability, and all of them are value-priced.

Again, every wiring project is different, but no matter what, they all require quality and durability in your wires. From the wiring itself, copper- or aluminum-based, to the thickness and pliability of the jacket, it’s important to assess quality according to your needs. And whatever your specific needs, whether you go through a good amount of electrical wire in a home or professional setting, these five options will keep you in good shape, at reasonable cost.

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