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5 supplies to keep your audio tool kit strong

Whether you’re a working musician, a passionate podcaster, or someone trying to get a foothold in the worlds of music or studio production, having the right supplies on hand (and lots of them) is crucial. Instruments and voices depend on the right, dependable audio set-up, not to mention the gear to get l all the above from A to B. So while it might not be the most fun or dramatic kind of shopping a musician will do in their career, keeping music supplies like these on hand is a crucial step in ensuring a good performance, or podcast, on the road or at home.

Music is a wonderful thing, but like most good entertainment and art, the end product doesn’t happen without a lot of background set-up. Finding the right product to fit your set-up is (almost) as important as practicing. But if you’re passionate about music, you’ll want to keep your gear in good shape. From acoustic guitar stands to shock mounts to durable gig bags, keeping supplies like these on hand will keep you going, and keep the music flowing.

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