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5 suit staples for every wardrobe

Navigating the working world isn’t a picnic. Thankfully, the basics of a professional wardrobe are easier to put together than a resume. They’re also incredibly versatile, inside the office and out. In fact, whether you’re looking for work or going to a wedding, whether you’re wining and dining a client or dressing up for a weekend brunch with friends, you’ll want to have staples like these available and ready at hand. From socks and bow-ties to pocket squares, neckties, and old school suspenders, here are five staples that can complete, brighten, or fortify your look, helping you stand out in a sea of suits.

Far from the old working world uniform of yore, the modern suit look is getting lots of attention, and variation is the name of the game. Whether you’re dressing up for work or trying to stand out in a crowd of repetitive gray shirts and jackets, signature pieces like these allow for just a hint of color or pattern to give you the right amount of edge. Not to mention, whether it’s ear muffs, ties, or low-key snazzy socks, they’re functional, and fun.

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