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Things to keep in your vehicle when traveling

We’ve all been there. On the road, driving to work or running errands, wishing we’d remembered to pack a specific something to tackle that specific (unanticipated) problem. Being a prepared driver, whether making a quick dash to the supermarket, or embarking on a long road trip, is what most of us aspire to, yet we somehow find ourselves without essential tools when we need them most.

We’re all familiar with the ‘must have’ driving accoutrements, of course—does anyone ever leave home without coffee mug, USB cable, and Kleenex tissues?—but there’s plenty more we can do to meet the more significant challenges encountered while traveling by car. By investing in a few versatile, strategically chosen items that can easily be stored in a vehicle, managing the inevitable inconveniences of being on the road will become a more effortless endeavor.

Driving brings many pleasures, but nothing can dampen the enjoyment of being on the road like finding yourself in a situation without a quick, easy solution. Whether you’re driving solo to an appointment, or heading for a weekend getaway with family in tow, preparing for the unexpected is a simple way of reducing stress on the road. Invest in innovative, useful items that make leaving home and its many conveniences a less daunting task—and life behind the wheel a more carefree experience.

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