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5 grab bag supplies to stock for musicians

Being a musician is a composition in and of itself: beyond the talent, and the drive, you have to have the right equipment, the training, the music, and all the little component parts (and lucky breaks) in between. The supplies below belong to a variety of musical pursuits. It’s the kind of stuff you might forget to stock up on, or maybe a friend or loved one is constantly running out of. Whether you sing, smash the cymbals, dominate the horns section, or just need a length of reliable wiring, here are five music supply must-haves that’ll keep the sounds coming.

Cable wiring, microphone stands with adjustable height, cymbal bags with an extra pocket: these may not seem like the kind of items you associate with your favorite musicians, certainly not the stuff that’ll transform you into a rock god. But you can’t ascend to musical greatness without a strong foundation of good equipment. Keeping value tools and supplies like these on hand allows you to focus on the important stuff, like making good music and having fun.

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