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5 grab bag supplies to stock for musicians

Being a musician is a composition in and of itself: beyond the talent, and the drive, you have to have the right equipment, the training, the music, and all the little component parts (and lucky breaks) in between. The supplies below belong to a variety of musical pursuits. It’s the kind of stuff you might forget to stock up on, or maybe a friend or loved one is constantly running out of. Whether you sing, smash the cymbals, dominate the horns section, or just need a length of reliable wiring, here are five music supply must-haves that’ll keep the sounds coming.

Cable wiring, microphone stands with adjustable height, cymbal bags with an extra pocket: these may not seem like the kind of items you associate with your favorite musicians, certainly not the stuff that’ll transform you into a rock god. But you can’t ascend to musical greatness without a strong foundation of good equipment. Keeping value tools and supplies like these on hand allows you to focus on the important stuff, like making good music and having fun.

Editors' Recommendations

Audio cables for our music gig
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Getting things set up for a new music venue can be troublesome. We have ended up needing different audio cables than what we have. Because we have a few new musicians sitting in on this set, we need to hook them up with our amplifiers. Also, since this gig is important, we really want to make sure that the equipment is flawless. That is what is really driving this. We know that making a good impression means that everything must go off without a hitch.

One way to remove a potential headache is to make sure we have all the audio cables fresh and new, and in the quantity we need. Here are some great choices.

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Foster creativity with these musical accessories
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The ability to think creatively is a huge asset in the workplace. No matter the job function, applying imagination, whether in spearheading a project or trying to solve a problem, can be a key component of longterm professional success. There's no doubt that fostering creativity outside a work environment pays dividends within it.

For those with creative interests—like learning a musical instrument—staying motivated and inspired may be as simple as a low-cost beginner's instrument, or a few accessories that make the learning process more seamless and convenient. The affordably priced items, below, are proof that encouraging a creative endeavor with small gestures—whether in yourself, a colleague, a friend or family member—may yield sizable consequences, both personally and professionally.

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Reduce work stress by learning a musical instrument
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Work can surprisingly be a lot of work at times. It doesn’t matter what you do, whether it’s something you love or despise, your job can produce a lot of stress. But you don’t have to allow that stress to build up. Instead, what you need is a stress reliever.

You can relieve stress in many ways, but the coolest way - by far - is by learning a musical instrument. If you believe you’re not musically inclined, it’s okay. This can be a challenging yet enjoyable experience for you. 

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