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5 essential cocktail kits for the budding mixologist

Whether you’re shaking a Martini, stirring an Old Fashioned, or trying your first-ever mocktail, any bartender will tell you: a great cocktail starts with the right tools. Fortunately , you don’t have to be a pro to mix like one. Cocktail kits and whiskey sets like the five below make the perfect gifts for amateur DIY bartenders and budding mixologists in need of a basic tool kit. Or, grab one for your own at-home bar. Reasonably priced and effortlessly stylish, kits like these allow you put your energy into crafting the perfect Martini, whether it’s shaken or stirred.

Getting your at-home bar outfitted with the right tools is easy and affordable. All it takes is the right kit. And who knows? You might not just mix a great cocktail, but launch a career.

Maybe it’s a coincidence but the more time we spend at home, the more time we spend at our home bars. And if you’ve realized your home bar needs a little beefing-up, products like these are an easy way to outfit yourself for a huge variety of cocktails and mixed drinks. A variety of set-sizes means you can buy according to your needs (and thirst), and the sleek look makes any of these kits easy to incorporate into your entertainment setup.

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