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5 essential supplies for your gig or studio audio hookup

Certain essentials in a professional music set-up that make or break a gig. Sure, when lead guitar steps up for an epic solo, our ears tend to go there. But what makes that shredding possible—and crisply audible—is the back-end stuff: the long wires, the speakers, the amps, pedal boards and other kinds of audio equipment that make up the world behind the sound. So whether you’re a working musician or a passionate player, you know it’s easy to get lost in the craft, but it’s essential to make sure your set-up is complete. Here are five products to get you there.

Whether it’s thick-jacketed cable wiring, microphone mounts, or a pedal board kit with pancake style cables, the nuts and bolts of sound require a lot of gear. Writing and practicing is essential, but it’s impotant to remember: your gear wears down over time. If you’re a working musician or are looking to refresh your home or work studio with some affordable, decent gear, supplies like these will keep the sound coming clear.

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