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Impress working parents with these kid-friendly finds

Kid stuff isn’t just for Moms and Dads anymore. Even those who’ve yet to embark on parenthood—or who may have opted out altogether—can impress working parents with their instinct for engaging, high quality children’s toys. Whether needing a last minute gift for a colleague’s little one, or trying to impress at the annual office kids’ party, you can’t go wrong by taking the classic route.

Opt for time-honored, we’ll-crafted toys which are built to last, and meant to deliver years of entertainment and joy. Anything but trendy, these tried-and-true classics—trains, building blocks, outdoor games—are guaranteed to be a hit with tiny tots and growing kids alike.

Buying for children can be a daunting task, especially for those who don’t have much experience with little ones. But it’s easy to meet the challenge by steering clear of trendy playthings, and opting for durable, classic toys with lasting appeal. The games and toys featured above are designed to expand young minds and stretch developing imaginations for years to come. That’s an investment that any parent—or young child—will happily welcome.

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