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Outfitting an office to maximize creativity

When we are seeking to maximize our creativity we sometimes need to look outside the box for inspirational solutions. Training the brain to be creative means we must seek out opportunities to explore new things and to briefly break away from business concerns. This is how learning a musical instrument can spark our creative ideas. Even if we have never played an instrument before, we can start at any time and at any age.

A good instrument for a beginner is a guitar. It is small and portable and can easily fit into an office space. A guitar in the office will remind us to take those much-needed breaks away from the stress of the job and refresh our brain with diversion. Since learning requires practice we can accomplish that task during our breaks and eventually become able to play very well. Having this skill can go a long way in entertaining clients and the office staff.

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With this assortment of choices, we will be sure to find what is right for us to begin a new way of stimulating creativity. With practice, not only will we learn a new skill, but we will sharpen our mental focus while we reduce our stress. A great and clever way to maximize productivity.

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Work your brain by learning these 5 instruments
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Learning an instrument can be hard work, but it can have many benefits for your brain. It takes patience and persistence to learn, as well as hard work and concentration. Practicing these virtues can help you to become a better worker, which can translate over to work tasks. Additionally, if you find yourself stressed at the end of the workday, listening to music has been proven to be a great form of stress relief. You will also be able to feel a sense of accomplishment when you learn a new song! If you are ready to start your musical journey, check out these five instruments to see which one fits your style!

Improve your cognitive function and muscle memory by picking up an instrument! Learning to play music can be a great form of stress relief, and can help to improve brain power through repeated dedication to learning. Your persistence to learning an instrument will translate into your work ethic and make you a better employee!

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Fitness planners for office workouts
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Fitness planners can help us have more success in our office workouts. These help us in several ways. First of all, after we have set aside the time and place to workout at the office, just what are we going to do? These guided cards and posters can give us the workout plans and instruction to make our workouts successful and interesting. Second, sometimes we are needing inspiration in order to achieve the goal of working out. These planners can be placed where they are visible to us, and this alone may be enough to spur us in to exercise action. Third, if we keep doing the same things, we can become bored and unmotivated. These plans can give us variety to our workouts and add in elements we would not have thought up on our own.

Here are some great choices in fitness planners.

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5 Instruments to kickstart your office ensemble
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We often relegate office bonding to happy hours and summer softball leagues. Those are fun ways to get to know your co-workers and connect outside of work. Let’s face it, though: They can get a bit stale after a while.
If you and your colleagues love taking turns playing DJ with the office music streaming service, you might consider forming a musical ensemble. Though it’s easier if many of you have experience playing instruments, you could also sign up for lessons together and then start playing. It’s a unique way to team-build and work together outside of the office. These five instruments are an excellent place to start.

If you’re looking for new ways to connect with your office mates, consider something off the beaten path. Forming an ensemble is a time and financial investment, but it can yield a huge ROI. Experts and researchers say learning to play an instrument can enhance brain health. It’s also a great way to build chemistry with your colleagues. You’ll learn something new as a unit and literally play off one another as you make sweet music together. Guitars and other string instruments, like cellos, violins, and violas, are classic choices. Try to mix it up with an instrument from another family, like a clarinet, a woodwind. You and your colleagues don’t have to perform gigs or recitals, but it may be fun to show your co-workers what you’ve accomplished.

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