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Want to be more productive? Try these 5 products for better sleep

Heading to work in the morning feels infinitely better after a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, between modern nighttime distractions like phone-scrolling, Netflix binging, and kid wake-ups – that restful feeling can be few and far between. Adults between the ages 18 and 64 need seven to nine hours of sleep per night, according to the Sleep Foundation, but almost half of all Americans report feeling sleepy between three and seven days per week. With the lines of work and rest often more blurred than they should be, it’s key to make your bedroom as sleep-friendly as possible – i.e., a calming, restorative space that makes it easier to drift off into dreamland. These luxe bedroom additions will help you get the rest you need and feel more productive during the day.

More bright-eyed commutes and Zoom meetings await with these picks that will take your bedroom from ho-hum, to a haven for rest. The benefits of getting enough sleep can’t be overstated: it boosts your immune system, allows your body time to repair and rebuild, lowers cortisol levels, and improves memory and mental health. So leave your phone on the charging station and sink beneath a cool bamboo comforter, lean into a memory foam wedge pillow, enjoy the modern boho vibe created by a handwoven seagrass basket, and create a space conducive to a solid night’s rest. When you think about just how many hours you spend sleeping on average (about one-third of our lives, to be exact) it brings into focus just how important it is for the bedroom to be a focal point for our investment.

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