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5 Rocking gifts for your band-playing workmate

So you’ve got a work buddy who spends weekends playing in a band, you say? And you’re out of ideas for an upcoming birthday gift? Say no more. We’ve got a few rocking ideas to share, and we’re sure they’ll strike just the right musical note with you—and your colleague.

Whether novice or seasoned, no musician would balk at being gifted a few thoughtfully-crafted accessories or tools that enhance or amplify a musical performance, be it practice session or live gig.  The 5 products we’ve rounded up, below, have been designed to make the life of a music maker easier. They’re practical, versatile, and accessibly priced, to boot!

It’s no easy thing, finding an appropriate and thoughtful gift for a workmate. And when that colleague is both friend and musician, narrowing down the right gift gets a bit dicier. Musicians, like most creative people, tend to have very strong feelings about instruments, sound systems, and every other accoutrement. No need to stress about the perfect gift, then; aim for something that’s both useful and thoughtful—and makes honing a craft a little easier. What’s not to like about that?

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