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5 kitchen tools that simplify weekday cooking

Cooking up a healthy (and tasty) dinner after a demanding workday is a worthy goal, but, let’s face it, also a bit of a challenge. Even the simplest home-cooked meal typically takes more time than estimated, and finding motivation in the kitchen after a long day at the office is hardly a given.

One way to make weeknight dinners more manageable is to be organized and well equipped with convenient, smartly designed tools that reduce time and frustration in the kitchen. The items we’ve selected, below, comprise a range of kitchen accessories and tools that, among other things, improve efficiency, save time, and make cleanup easier. Bon appétit!

Few things are as gratifying—and as good for both body and mind—as eating a clean, nutritious home-cooked meal. But the demands of professional life can drastically cut into time spent in the kitchen. Save crucial minutes with a few innovative cooking tools and accessories that streamline the food preparation process, and, consequently, make cooking dinner every night something to truly look forward to—not something to routinely dread.

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