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Host a glowing bash for your workmates with these vibrant party games

Okay, planning a memorable party for workmates is not without its stressors. Office politics and interpersonal conflicts can make a social gathering outside the office awkward and possibly even tense. So, bypass trying to impress with elegant hors d’oeuvres and innovative cocktails, and take a more lighthearted approach. Host a casual gathering that includes office mates, their partners, and maybe even their kids, and create a relaxing, fun-filled night for both your guests and you.

Nothing breaks the ice (and evens the playing field) like loosening up with lively, but pressure-free, party games. We’ve rounded up 5 favorites, each made specifically to illuminate the night with their neon-like glow.

Hoping for a gathering that everyone enjoys is a no-brainer, but throwing a truly memorable party is more of a challenge. Go ahead and rise to the challenge by hosting a party for your workmates that has all the right ingredients: tasty food, mouth-watering drinks, lively conversation, and the bright and shining party additions, featured above. You’ll have created a gratifying night of spirited fun that will surely keep the office talking for months to come.

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