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Gifts for your coworker who just got a new car

A few weeks ago, your coworker’s car was declared beyond repair. It has been so tough on them – bumming rides to the office and grabbing an Uber when no one was available to help. What a pain! They have actively been checking, and finally found the perfect ride – a canary yellow midsized beauty, with four doors and a spacious trunk. 

Getting a new car is so exciting! There are perfect gift ideas on this list to show your coworker how happy you are for them.

Getting a new car is a joyous occasion! These items can help your coworker to keep their car a bit cleaner and a little safer, making their ride to work each day that much more enjoyable, and you’ll finally be able to regain that extra 10 minutes of sleep since you won’t need to pick them up on the way to work anymore.

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5 items sure to make your Zoom meetings more comfortable
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At the beginning of the pandemic, everyone was communicating via Zoom even though most of us weren't entirely familiar with that platform. Take the attorney that somehow managed to turn himself into an onscreen cat. Ah, memories. While it isn’t advisable to attend the monthly budget meeting looking like a cat, there are things you can do to enhance your at-home workspace making yourself more comfortable during those sometimes long, always important meetings. We have put together a list of suggestions sure to help.

People are spending more and more time working from home for a plethora of reasons. Between increased productivity, fewer distractions, less illness, and no commute companies are just finding it beneficial. With so many employees working from home, the need for communication is more important than ever, and Zoom meetings make talking face to face possible even if on a screen. These five items can help your Zoom meetings be more comfortable and successful, even if you’re only dressed in office attire from the waist up!

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Looking to replace your car visor? Check these out!
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If your car visor doesn’t stay still or is completely broken, you may need a replacement. Not seeking a new visor will only cause more disruptions in your driving. When this blocks your line of view, it could lead to an accident, and no one wants that.

This is why we are offering car visors and an extender to prevent blindness when on the road. You deserve the best, and that is exactly what we have. So, don’t wait up and check out the perfect visor for you below. You will finally be protected from the blinding sun’s rays and have a properly functioning visor.

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5 resources to consider adding to your office gym
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As more and more business owners add fitness centers and gyms to their offices as part of employee wellness initiatives, they come up against a quandary. What does one actually put into an office gym? How do you walk the line of creating an economical space, but still providing a fitness area that employees actually want to use? While you may not want to outfit your office gym with all the latest and greatest workout equipment, you do want to ensure you include the basics — things like free weights, exercise balls, and resistance bands, for example. To fill in the rest of the gaps, these five resources can help.

Getting your team to workout is easier when you give them the tools to do so. Beyond just setting aside a room in your office as a workout space and outfitting it with some standard equipment, make getting started actually easier for your team, with some guided instructions. There’s no need to bring in a pricey employee health consultant, though. These resources do the trick on a small business budget, offering your employees a wide range of activities, to fit a wide range of fitness levels, so that there’s never an excuse to not take advantage of this valuable employee perk.

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