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Gifts for your coworker who just got a new car

A few weeks ago, your coworker’s car was declared beyond repair. It has been so tough on them – bumming rides to the office and grabbing an Uber when no one was available to help. What a pain! They have actively been checking, and finally found the perfect ride – a canary yellow midsized beauty, with four doors and a spacious trunk. 

Getting a new car is so exciting! There are perfect gift ideas on this list to show your coworker how happy you are for them.

Getting a new car is a joyous occasion! These items can help your coworker to keep their car a bit cleaner and a little safer, making their ride to work each day that much more enjoyable, and you’ll finally be able to regain that extra 10 minutes of sleep since you won’t need to pick them up on the way to work anymore.

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