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Improving nutrition for mental sharpness

Our mental sharpness each day is impacted by many things. Our mood, the way we sleep, and the nutrition in what we eat, are the top three things that can make us mentally sharp, or sluggish and dull. Nutrition is something we have more control over than sleep or mood, however, improving our nutrition is not that easy when we are busy. This is especially true in the morning when we are often in a rush to get to work. Making sure we start with all the nutrients we need provided in our breakfast may seem like it would be too hard to do. Luckily, with a few changes we can make our first meal packed with vitamins and minerals.

One of the fastest morning meals we can make is a smoothie. The ingredients are very simple. Frozen fruit makes an excellent base since it will make the drink cold and provide sweet flavor. We can also use fresh fruit as well. The liquid base can be water or milk. For nutrition, the following supplements make a great addition.

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Getting this nutritional boost first thing in our morning will start us with mental sharpness for the rest of our day. The speed of putting together a fresh smoothie each morning will not slow us down for our commute. With just simple changes to the fruit we use we can make each of these drinks pleasantly different so we don’t have to worry about becoming bored with our breakfast. Of course we don’t have to restrict this to our first meal. Any time of day is a great time for this nutritional smoothie.

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