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Learn to hand letter with these essential tools

A well-executed hand lettering piece can add a touch of personality and flair to any document, whether it be a formal letter, an invitation, or just a sign for your business. However, getting started with hand lettering can seem daunting if you’re not sure where to begin. Thankfully, there are a few essential tools that will make the process much easier. Here’s a look at some of the basics you’ll need to get started.

Conclusion paragraph: With the right supplies and a bit of practice, you can learn to hand letter like a pro. By adding some personality and flair to your office documents, you’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression on your colleagues. Give it a try!

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A well stocked office first aid kit is essential for helping with minor on the job emergencies. We probably have plenty of bandages and disinfectants in our kit, but some things might be missing. We want to make sure our employees are well taken care of by anticipating the issues that might occur.  We can also provide support to help minimize the chance of injury.  Minor sprains and strains are a common occurrence and of course we should seek out appropriate medical care when these events happens.

The items on this list will help to reduce re-injury, comfort minor bruises and protect hearing.

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We are always looking for ways to boost our productivity in the office. Working longer hours might seem to be key, but actually, studies have shown we need the right mix of relaxation and work in order to be the most productive. A novel idea to increase productivity is to challenge our brain by learning a musical instrument. Such an an endeavor requires persistence and practice, two things good to work on for any business success. There is also stimulation to our brain’s abilities when we learn to play. All this combined together can mean a strong increase in our relaxation, mental stimulation, and enjoyment of life as well as increasing our ability to think clearly.  Enhancing all these qualities can bring additional increases in our office productivity.

The viola is a great instrument to learn. With determination we can not only enhance our own mental abilities but soon be able to entertain others with our playing, an added benefit to satisfaction in life.

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Essentials for refreshing and resetting your office
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When your employees have a morale-boosting environment filled with considerate tools to help them feel better, they work better too. They will appreciate the effort you make to ensure that their air is clean, safe and pleasant to breathe. Every measure you take to make sure the office runs smoothly also says you value their time and well-being. Keep your office neat and tidy with a simple shelf to keep your AV equipment organized and at eye-level.  Bring in lots of gorgeous natural plants in attractive planters, and a few versatile posture-improving exercise cushions, and equally fun and original sports balls and watch morale and productivity shoot skyward.

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