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Erin Rupp

Erin Rupp

Erin Rupp writes about productivity, design, and lifestyles. Her work has been featured on Freedom, Springboard, and other blogs. She's a snail mail lover, a Punkpost artist, and the proud owner of a writer's bump. Visit her at

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Learn to hand letter with these essential tools

Want to learn modern lettering? Check out these essential tools that will make learning how to hand letter both fun and easy!
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5 tools your office needs to make pour-over coffee

Need a great cup of coffee to power through the work day? Check out our list of the five must-have tools for making pour-over coffee in your office break room.
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5 gorgeous details to make your rental more luxurious

Want to elevate your Airbnb or investment property? Try these five gorgeous details to make your rental an oasis of luxury.
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5 stylish pieces for your office makeover

Is your office lounge area in need of some TLC? Upgrade your workspace with these five stylish and functional pieces.

5 kits to keep the kids entertained while you work

Working parents, you know the struggle. Check out these fun kids' art and STEM kits to keep your little ones entertained while you get things done.
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Use these for an awesome team-building paint party

Need a fun and creative way to connect with your team? Try an office paint party! With these five essential supplies, your team is sure to have a blast.
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5 ways to add a little whimsy to your workplace

A boring, bland office space can sap your creativity and motivation. Check out these five easy ways to add some fun and whimsy to your workplace.
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Try these 5 office tools to increase your productivity

Are you having trouble balancing your workload? Try these five office tools to increase your productivity and get things done.