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5 nipple covers for every modeling gig

Fuzzy, bright, leopard print…the list goes on. We’re talking about nipple covers. Those teeny tiny decals can transform an outfit (or be worn while nude). If you’re a model, you probably understand how useful these covers can be. They provide coverage when worn underneath sheer or form-fitting material. They’re also great for adding a burst of color or stylish flair to an outfit. Finding the right pair of covers can be as difficult as finding the right pair of jeans. To help, we’ve come up with a list of some great finds on Amazon that could make your shopping experience easier and more convenient.

When shopping for nipple covers, it’s important to know what purpose they will serve. For example, if you’re modeling lingerie, you might wear colorful or flashy pasties to help draw attention to the pieces you’re wearing. If you’re modeling for the runway, it might be best to purchase nipple covers that are meant to be hidden underneath various types of clothing. Some even include travel cases so that you can conveniently transport them to any runway or photo shoot. Whether you’re new to the world of nipple covers or a seasoned buyer, our list of some of the top ones is great to try out for yourself.

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