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Why you should take a portable laptop table to every job site

Portable laptop tables are essential for workers who are constantly on the go. Operating in the office is drastically different than being on the job site, but one sure thing is you need a clean and safe space to place your laptop. Laptop tables are even more necessary if you’re currently searching for a rugged laptop that’s specially built to withstand tough work conditions such as dust, debris, or the elements. 

What is a laptop table? 

A laptop table is a portable surface you can use on the go when there’s no flat table or surface in sight. These are also referred to as laptop trays or lap desks and can be made of anything from wood or aluminum to silicone. More ergonomic options with a padded cushion under tough plastic, genuine wood, fiberboard, or composite materials are available. The padding is often made of memory foam and microbeads to cushion your legs and help provide an even surface.

The tough top should ideally be able to withstand or disperse heat from your laptop to prevent overheating. Another feature you might consider is whether or not the laptop desk has a built-in wrist pad. A cushioned memory foam strip provides relief for hands, especially if you spend a significant amount of work time on your computer.

laptop table
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You might also think of purchasing a lap desk with an adjustable height. From flat to an almost 90-degree angle, you can adjust these types of laptop tables to accommodate glare and comfort level. For instance, if you’re sitting on an incline, you can adjust the angle of the table to prevent your laptop from sliding off.

Protect your laptop

The main reason why you should carry a portable laptop table in your trunk or work bag at all times is to protect your laptop. There are rarely any debris-free spaces on worksites that you’ll want to put your laptop on, and a portable lap desk is your best solution. Sawdust, paint spills, and concrete debris may damage your laptop. When you need a moment to look over blueprints, check in with a client, or verify measurements, you’ll want to walk away from the action and designate a safe space where you can use your laptop.

Your electronic device is an investment, and taking appropriate precautions prevents repair or replacement costs. When you place your laptop directly onto your lap, it’s at risk of overheating because most clothes trap heat and send it right back to your laptop.

Laptop trays can be used anywhere

Legless portable laptop desks are handy because they can be used anywhere at any time. Utilize a laptop desk whether you’re on a client’s rooftop, the 40th floor of an unfinished building, or at the bottom of a freshly dug ditch. Unlike portable desks with legs, these are less bulky and can be used anywhere, even if there isn’t a flat surface to be found.

A lap desk with a handle is ideal because you don’t have to carry a larger bag just to accommodate your desk. You can simply use the built-in handle to transport the desk from your car to the job site and back.

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You need to access documents or programs on your laptop

If you’re working with specific programs or consulting documents online, a laptop might be necessary to complete your project. Choose a lap desk with a built-in wrist rest for more accurate touchpad use. Moreover, consider laptop tables with built-in mouse pads and even phone holders if you need special pockets for your smaller devices. 

The LapGear Lap Desk is a practical option. The carbon-textured surface (about $98) is also available in gray wood grain (around $95), but both feature bolster cushions underneath for comfort. Its surface provides ventilation for your laptop to prevent overheating, and it’s compatible with laptop screens up to 15.6 inches wide and tablets up to 14 inches wide. A carry handle makes this desk easy to transport between job sites.

Note that these specialized lap desks should be reserved for less rugged conditions and may require a flat surface if you want to keep your phone, mouse, and laptop on them when not in use.

They double as writing surfaces

Portable lap desks are also helpful for completing paperwork, sketches, or other writing tasks. The flat surface makes for even and neat writing.

Portable laptop tables support your workflow, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. Using your lap as a desk without a proper laptop desk can result in overheating, thereby damaging your work laptop. Lap desks provide a safe, clean surface for working on any job site. They also protect your laptop from solvents, concrete bits, and dust. Choose a portable laptop table today to keep your laptop safe and your comfort level high.

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