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The best ½ inch socket sets for your automotive projects

When buying a socket set, you want to pick the one that covers the widest possible applications you need. This list includes sets that include the most common socket sizes for most applications you will use with your ½ inch drive.

Generally, ½ inch drive impact socket sets can be broadly divided into two categories, metric and Society of Automotive Engineers. Metric sets use millimeters and centimeters as the diameter measurements for sockets, while SAE uses fractions of an inch. Most applications are metric, but be sure to check on what system you need. All the socket sets on our list are made from robust high-grade vanadium steel. The differences are in the number of pieces included in each set. Two of our options are metric, and one uses the SAE system.

TACKLIFE Drive Impact Socket Set

Best Socket Set Overall

This 18-piece socket set includes 15 metric socket pieces and three pieces of extension bars. The sockets have been designed with six sides of contact for strong driving attachment, allowing maximal torque. This set is made from chrome vanadium steel and coated with black phosphate to minimize corrosion. The sockets fit into an attractive organizer case.

TEKTON 1/2-Inch Drive Shallow Impact Socket Set

Most Reliable Set

The Tekton socket set contains 14 sockets with sizes 11-32 mm. Its six-point socket design allows for extra grip strength and turning power. It is made from heat-treated vanadium steel and coated with black phosphate. These sockets are robust and made to last.

EPAuto 1/2-Inch Drive SAE Deep Impact Socket Set

Best Value ½” Socket Set

Should you be looking for SAE instead of a metric socket set the EPAuto set has you covered. This socket set contains 11 chrome vanadium steel alloy sockets in a neat plastic carrying case.

Pair that ½ inch drive with a socket set that will take you as far as possible in helping you out with a variety of jobs. Make sure to choose between SAE and metric sets to cater to your needs. Our list contains our three favorite socket sets, which all offer high value at affordable prices.