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The best 12 gauge extension cords for high-amp equipment

Reach for a 12-gauge extension cord or outdoor extension cord in 12 gauge to power high-amp-using devices from a standard 120-volt outlet with a large voltage drop due to a long 50- or 100-foot cord. The length of a cord affects how much voltage is lost through wire resistance. You won’t have to worry about voltage drop with these top 12-gauge extension cords.

Extension cords largely are considered among the most dangerous electrical devices in a home due to improper cord size and use. Accidents involving the cords cause dozens of deaths and thousands of injuries each year. So it’s important to use the right cord for the right job. These leading 12-gauge extension cords are the right choice for powering devices needing high amp loads.

Thonopa Outdoor Extension Cord

Best Overall

If only a top 12-gauge extension cord will do, get the Thonopa Outdoor Extension Cord. The 10-foot, all-purpose cord includes 12-gauge heavy-duty wire, is rated at 15 amps, 125 volts and 1,875 watts, and is UL listed. Its flexible vinyl covering resists both water and flames and helps protect the cord from moisture, abrasion, and sunlight. LED-lighted plugs indicate when power is on.

Watt’s Wire Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord

Best for Durability

Want a 12-gauge extension cord that can stand up to heavy usage? Then take a look at the Watt’s Wire Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord. The highly durable cord is made from a SJTW thermoplastic that can withstand temperatures from -40 degrees to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The double-jacketed cord is designed to prevent marring walls or floors and hold up to concrete.

Southwire Outdoor Cord

Best Extra Length

If you require a very long 12-gauge extension cord, grab the Southwire Outdoor Cord. The 100-foot, all-purpose cord includes 12-gauge heavy-duty wire, supports 15 amps and 1,875 watts, and is UL listed. The cord’s more highly visible yellow jacket is engineered to provide added safety and prevent marks on floors or walls. Its lighted end indicates power is on.

Employ the right extension cord for the right job when it comes to high electrical loads and cord length. These top-notch 12-gauge extension cords have the proper wiring, length, and safety features.