The best 4×6 envelopes for sending letters and invites

You don’t want the envelopes to be too thin. So look for heavyweight stock. But unless you’re sending premium invitations, you also don’t want something that will be too extravagant. You’re really trying to find a sweet spot between the two. Here are our top choices for the best 4×6 envelopes.

When choosing your 4×6 envelopes, you want to consider the durability and quality compared to the price point. You will probably be sealing them and writing the addresses yourself, so you want to make sure they’re straightforward to use and from a material that’s comfortable to write on.

AZAZA White Envelopes

Best for Formal Events

If you're sending out invitations for an event, the AZAZA White Envelopes are a great choice. Made from premium heavyweight paper, they also offer a quick self-seal flap. They come in white, which is a great neutral color for invitations. These envelopes also have a very elegant look — perfect for more formal situations.

Juvale Kraft Envelopes

Best with Recycled Paper

Sending a lot of invitation or letters can seem like it might have a negative impact on nature. If that's a concern, consider these envelopes from Juvale, which are made from natural recycled fibers. They have a classic triangle-flap look, which makes them great for sending out invitations, as well as photos and greeting cards. They also have a unique look that is sure to stand out in any mailbox.

Quality Park Photo Envelopes

Best for Photographs

These envelopes are perfectly sized for 4×6 photos, invitations, and greeting cards. They have an easy-peel paper strip to protect the flap adhesive. Plus, the redi-strip closure is easy and quick to use, saving you time. They also fit any inkjet printer, so you can customize their design and showcase your originality.

A 4×6 envelope is really your go-to for sending photos, invitations, and greeting cards. It’s good to have a stock nearby, so you can always send out a thank-you card or printout and send a photo to your friends and family. Just don’t forget the stamp.