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The best adhesive cable clips for organizing cords and wires

You always want your workspace to look its best. Cable clips offer an affordable and easy way to tackle messy cables with minimal effort. Take a look at our three favorite cable clips before picking the one that works best for you.

When organizing that jungle of wires, you want to ensure that you purchase cable clips that can fit the diameter of your cable. Also pay attention to the color of the cables and the surface you are installing the clips on. Luckily, our list has everything from small transparent cable clips to large black clips.

Viaky Self-Adhesive Cable Clips

Best Value Pack

The Viaky Cable clips offer you a pack of 30 adhesive backed nylon clips that allow for easy mounting and bond to any flat surface. The cables are made to last and withstand high temperatures and corrosion because of their nylon construction. The clips can be clamped at varying lengths to ensure the cables fit on a wide variety of cable sizes.

eBoot Adhesive Cable Clips

Best For Small Cables

The eBoot cable clips are a great option for securing the cables of small and personal electronics thanks to their small footprint. If you want to ensure that small cables are secured with a tight fit, then the 19 by 14 mm footprint of the eBoot adhesive clips is a good match for keeping that iPad charger off of an already cluttered desk.

Self-Adhesive Cable Clips

Best Transparent

The Self-Adhesive Cable Clips come in a pack of 20 clips and are neat and easy on eye. Available in black, white, or transparent, these clips look great when mounted, so pick the color that works well with your cables and the surface you wish to mount on.

Say goodbye to having to trace back cables to the wall every time you want to unplug something, by organizing your electronics with cable clips. These are affordable and easy-to-install tools that every office and desk need to solve the problem of clutter.