The best battery testers to keep your gadgets charged

Many types of battery testers are available, from simpler models designed to determine how much charge is left in a battery to more sophisticated testers engineered to measure the capacity for accumulating a charge and pinpointing battery issues. No matter where your needs fall in that range, one of these leading battery testers likely is right for you.

An effective battery tester makes it easier to determine if batteries are properly charged or if a fresh one is needed. Most testers have easy-to-read or digital scales that show if a battery is good, weak, or poor. Get one of these dependable and accurate battery testers to make sure your company’s wireless keyboards, clocks, lamps, and other accessories are always working.

The Batt Storage Case and Removable Tester by The Battery Organizer

Best Tester/Organizer Combo

If a combined battery tester and organizer intrigues you, take a gander at The Batt Storage Case With Hinged Clear Cover and Removable Tester by The Battery Organizer. The black case can hold 93 batteries in various sizes and includes a removable battery tester that doesn't require a battery. Measuring 7 inches by 12 inches by 2.5 inches, the case features a hinged clear cover.

Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester

Best Everyday Use

Need a battery tester that can hold up to everyday use? Then consider the Amprobe BAT-200 Battery Tester, a compact tester with an ergonomic battery holder that requires no batteries to operate. It features an easy-to-read, color-coded display that indicates if a battery charge is good or low, or if the battery needs to be replaced or recharged.

Professional Automotive Load Battery Tester by ANCEL

Best for Vehicles

If you need a good battery tester for your auto repair business, the Professional Automotive Load Battery Tester by ANCEL might be right up your alley. The small, compact-designed tester can scan and indicate test results quickly for a battery installed in a car, motorcycle, boat, or other vehicle. It’s designed to precisely measure voltage, charge, cranking power, and battery life.

Stay in tune with the charge level of all the batteries in your business and vehicles by getting a good battery tester. These leading and appealing testers rate as good buys.