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The best black light flashlights for stains and counterfeits

Ultraviolet flashlights work best in a darker environment — the darker it is, the better it works. These UV black lights make search areas and objects emit a bright glow so you can easily pinpoint problem areas.

Whether you’re managing your property or a client’s, you need the best possible flashlight to detect threats and nuisances, especially outdoors, so you can fix the issue as soon as possible. Use cases are detecting pet urine (including rodent stains), bedbugs, and scorpions. However, the right light should also be versatile and help with issues like theft and counterfeit.

ESCO LITE UV flashlight

Best for Outdoors

The ESCO LITE Black Light UV flashlight is made of 51 LED lights and durable aluminum alloy material. The UV lights are 30% brighter than other lights and cover a large area without weakening the light, so you can search for as long as you want.

Morpilot 2-in-1 UV Flashlight

Best Dual Function

The Morpilot 2-in-1 UV flashlight is a LED flashlight that combines UV light with regular white light into one torch. This can be used indoors and outdoors. Its material is durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy with drop resistance. It is portable and waterproof. Its UV light has four modes: high brightness, low brightness, flashing, and UV.

TaoTronics Black Light

Most Compact

These pocket-size UV flashlights are easy to carry and work anywhere you go. They help you find stains and threats that are invisible to the naked eye, like pet urine on carpets, false currency and IDs, or scorpions. Its material is compact and durable, with 12 LED lights that have a lifespan of 15 years. It also includes three AAA batteries.

Black light flashlights help you find the dangers that lurk that the human eye can’t. These UV lights help you detect urine stains from pets or rodent infestations or the presence of scorpions, authenticate currency, and flag counterfeit or falsified identification items like passports and driver licenses. These flashlights will give you peace of mind.