The best clear coat spray paints to protect finished projects

You’ve finished the project, and now you need to protect it with a quality clear coat. A spray paint finish can keep streaks at bay and preserve the look of a glass coating better than a pour or brush method. Keep the finish professional even with a challenging medium like a clear coat with one of our top choices for best clear coat and spray paint.

A clear coat protects the finish underneath, but it can be irritating to have blemishes in the clear coat that interfere with the quality. Ensure your jobs are done right each time with one of the choices from our list. Our favorite clear coat and spray paints can provide a robust, yet professional finish to protect your delicate surfaces.

Krylon Crystal Clear Acrylic Spray Paint

Best Value

This moisture-resistant and smudge-proof clear finish produces quality work and helps protect surfaces from a variety of environmental factors. It's easy to use and goes on quickly using a fine spray. It dries to the touch in about 10 minutes and is safe to handle in just a couple of hours. Use it on many different surfaces, including 3D ones.

Rust-Oleum American Accents 2X Ultra Cover Clear Gloss

Best Overall

This clear multipurpose coat provides a quality finish for both indoor and outdoor projects. It goes on a variety of surfaces and produces a moisture-resistant, smudge-proof finish. It has a comfort tip to reduce fatigue and dries to the touch in about 20 minutes. It's professional, smooth, and protects your surfaces.

Krylon ColorMaster Clear Gloss

Best Durability

The clear gloss here provides an extra durable finish that protects surfaces without smudging. It's moisture proof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. It goes on quickly and dries to the touch in about 10 minutes, producing a shiny clear finish that lasts. Plus, the spray tip can reach harder-to-reach areas.

A clear coat is the last step in your paint job, so get it right with one of the best clear coats and spray paints on our list. These clear coats provide a protective surface and finish off your projects with a professional detail that’s unmatched. Ensure you get the proper, blemish-free shine each time with one of our choices so that your project can last for the long haul.