The best coin envelopes to keep your change easily sorted

Keep coins in a coin envelope and use a pen or highlighter to identify the contents and keep a running count. When the envelopes become full, you can fill coin tubes or wrappers with all the collected quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies, and then take them to a bank to exchange them for dollar bills. These leading coin envelopes can help you keep track of all your coins.

Many coin envelopes are durable and feature a gumming flap to secure a tight seal. In addition to coins, the envelopes can be used to store small documents or keepsakes. They are available in a traditional brown color, as well as a host of other hues. Whether you need them to hold coins or other valuables, these high-ranking coin envelopes can serve you well.

Quality Park Coin and Small Parts Envelope

Best Overall

How about a durable envelope that can be used to store coins as well as seeds, medications, small parts, and other items that collect in your home or office? That sounds like a solid overall coin envelope, and very much like the Quality Park Coin and Small Parts Envelope. The multifunctional envelope is produced from heavy-duty paper designed to withstand normal wear and tear, and it features a moisture-activated secure seal, too.

ACSTEP Coin and Small Parts Envelopes

Best for Plant Seeds

Envelopes are good for storing coins and other small items, but how about tiny plant seeds? Acstep Coin and Small Parts Envelopes are ideal for keeping seeds together and safe. They are designed to release moisture to help keep garden seeds dry and well-protected when stored. Featuring flaps with a water glue seal, the envelopes offer a secure seal as long as the flap is glued in place for at least 3 minutes.

ValBox Coin Envelopes

Best Gummed Flap

A secure-sealing flap is an important attribute of a coin envelope. ValBox Coin Envelopes offer a tight water glue seal. After filling one of the 500 envelopes with items, slightly wet the seal, fold the flap, and keep it glued for 2 to 3 minutes.

Keep coins and other small items stored and organized with coin envelopes. These highly useful coin envelopes are durable and offer tight, strong seals.