The best combination squares for exact measurements every time

It’s difficult to fully define a combination square and its many uses. It can serve as a depth gauge, marking gauge, miter square, try square, straightedge, ruler, small level, or sharp awl. And that just cracks the surface. Keep reading to learn more about this multipurpose tool so you will come to appreciate its usefulness.

A combination square includes a ruler/blade, angled shoulder, anvil, bubble vial, and adjustable knob that frees the tool to move horizontally along the ruler’s edge. In addition, the head of the handle sports a scriber used for marking measurements. There are many ways to use the tool once you get familiar with it. To start the path toward mastering it, get one of these helpful combination squares.

Irwin Combination Square

Best Value

Being both extremely useful and offering high value is a great combination for a combination square. The Irwin Combination Square covers both with an affordable price as well as black precision-etched scales, durable cast zinc body, and rust-proof, stainless-steel blade. The tool is ideal for marking 90- and 45-degree angles and serving as a gauge for transferring measurements.

Swanson Tool Combo Square

Best Budget

If you have a limited budget for a good combination square, the Swanson Tool Combo Square has you covered. The low-priced tool offers a 12-inch, stainless-steel blade with precision-etched black gradations and brass hardware. It also features an impact-resistant acrylic vial in its handle, a spring-loaded bolt that holds the blade in place, and a durable die-cast zinc body.

Swanson Speed & Combo Square Set

Best Two-In-One

Would a speed square and combination square in one set intrigue you? It should, especially if it’s the Swanson Speed & Combo Square Set. It includes a speed square, 6-inch combination square, and a blue book on rafter lengths and roof construction. The speed square features a try square, miter square, saw guide, line scriber, and protractor.

To accomplish a dizzying number of tasks — from measuring angles to determining depths to testing if something is level — have a combination square on hand. One of these high-performing combination squares is sure to be a must-have for your next construction job.