The best compact circular saws for convenient and simple DIY

Compact circular saws are available in many different styles and with varying features, motor powers, and cutting depths. Choosing the best one depends on if you’re seeking enough power to cut a variety of lumber or enough flexibility to cut other materials. One of these leading compact circular saws just might be the tool you ultimately choose.

Compact circular saws are smaller in size than other circular saws for maneuverability and portability. They offer grips with safety triggers that promise comfort, balance, and control. To take advantage of those benefits and features, consider getting one of these highly functional and dependable compact circular saws.

WORXSAW Compact Circular Saw by WORX

Best Value

For value, functionality and dependability, it’s tough to beat the WORXSAW 4.5-Inch Compact Circular Saw by WORX. The affordable saw weighs 50 percent less than a traditional 7.25-inch circular saw and sports a thin blade engineered to reduce tool strain, yet provide full-size circular saw cutting speed and performance. It comes with a carbide-tipped blade, parallel guide, vacuum adapter, and Allen key.

Circular Saw with Metal Handle by TACKLIFE

Best Laser Guide

For high cutting accuracy, get a compact circular saw with a laser guide, like the Circular Saw with Metal Handle by TACKLIFE. Its laser guide helps ensure a professional and precise cutting line for wood, plastic, metal, or tile. The saw comes with six blades, a 5.8-amps copper motor designed to deliver full-size performance at 3,500 rpm, and a metal handle engineered to reduce fatigue while working with one hand.

Compact Circular Saw by Rockwell

Best for Small Jobs

If you only plan to use a compact circular saw for small jobs, consider the Compact Circular Saw by Rockwell. It weighs only 5 pounds, is 50 percent lighter than conventional 7.25-inch circular saws and can cut through 2-by-4s in a single pass. The saw features a 5-amp electric motor designed to match the performance of full-size saws operating at 3,500 rpm.

Go for accuracy, visibility, comfort, balance, and control by getting a premium compact circular saw. These sturdy and dependable models hit all those marks.