The best upholstery tacks for DIY projects and to upkeep furniture

Custom upholstery shops require fabric, furniture, and most importantly, upholstery tacks. These handy, nail-like tools fasten covers, padding, and upholstery onto new or vintage furniture for an improved look. Let us help you find the best upholstery tacks for your shop with this list of some well-researched brands on the market.

An upholstery tack serves a functional purpose, but some are pinned on solely for decorative purposes. For instance, antique brass tacks are a popular choice for nailhead trims in headboards, lounge chairs, and plush loveseats. On the other hand, crystal tacks make sense when you want to hold up light fabrics but want to conceal the pins. Take a look at our favorite options.

decotacks Upholstery Tacks

Best Overall

The decotacks upholstery nails come in a pack of 100 that measure ⅝ inches each. Each steel tack is plated with an antique brass finish to support heavy, commercial-grade upholstery. This is the best overall choice for a genuine, high-quality brass tack.

Keadic Antique Upholstery Tacks

Easiest to Use

Keadic’s upholstery tack set includes 100 bronze nails measuring ¾ inches long. This antique-style tack is best for restoring vintage furniture easily using a plier and hammer. The bronze gold finish lends a regal feel to modern-day furniture.

Attmu Clear Twist Pins for Upholstery

Best Twist Design

The clear tacks from Attmu feature the best twist design for gently securing lightweight fabric onto furniture. To endure long-term use, this tack is made of rust-resistant steel. Note that a single pack comes with 50 individual tacks ⅜ inches long each.

Upholstery tacks prevent furniture fabrics and table covers from shifting when in use. This is especially handy for furniture restoration shops, eateries, and high-traffic seating areas. Luckily, you can choose any of the upholstery tacks on our list to cover a wide range of uses for your business.