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The best drywall repair kits for touching up your walls

How much time do you have? Damage high up on the wall may not need to dry quickly. But what if you are getting ready to show your house or do a yearly apartment inspection? You want a solution that will set quickly.

The drywall repair kit you choose is only as good as the tools included. You want the right materials to patch holes and dents, but do you want to go out and buy a putty knife or a nail hole dropper? Every kit we’ve chosen comes with the tools you need to get the job done.

You need to consider the size of your repair job, as well. Is it an isolated bump, a series of bolt holes from a moved piece of furniture, or a sizable space? You need to decide if you need to prime and repaint the area after the patch or if you just need to add a dab of touchup paint to the small patches.

Another factor to consider is the nature of the hole, crack, or dent. Do you need to fill in nail holes or patch a crack in the wall? The material you want to use may change. You can use a fabric patch to cover surface blemishes on the walls, but you might want to use gels to fill nail and screw holes. Finally, with dents, you usually have to rely on putty or other repair compounds to get that smooth wall finish you want.

Slobproof Wall Repair Patch Kit

Best Drywall Repair Kit

Slobproof's wall repair kit has everything you need to make cracks, holes, and dents disappear. With its innovative touchup paint pens, covering scratches and dents takes seconds and requires no priming. These special pens are designed to keep paint fresh inside for seven years.

For larger repairs, the included spackle comes with a nozzle tip to make filling holes a breeze, and the putty knife and sandpaper smooth the wall and prepare it to be covered with your paint to make a perfect color-matched touchup.

3M High Strength Small Hole Repair Kit

Best Budget Repair Kit

3M brings you the best value and highly rated small hole repair kit. This kit has all the tools necessary for a professional repair, including 8 fluid ounce spackle, a 4-inch self-adhesive patch, a 3-inch putty knife, and a sanding pad.

This drywall repair kit is perfect for hole repairs up to 3 inches in diameter. Their primer-enhanced spackling compound and adhesive patch promise no shrinking, cracking, or sagging over time. Just use the patch, smooth the spackling mixture, and use the sanding pad to blend to perfection.

Duck Brand Self-Adhesive Drywall Repair Fabric

Best Fabric Repair Kit

Duck brand has the best fabric repair kit, and it comes with a 25-foot roll, which means this value pack has you covered for dozens of drywall repairs to come. This 100% fiberglass mesh fabric doesn't require a joint compound to be applied first. You can apply this directly to the wall. The fabric is self-adhesive and repositionable, perfect for difficult jobs.

Whether you’re covering nail holes, repairing dents and scratches, or patching cracks in the drywall, you want to choose the right kit for your house. Be sure to take your time to choose the suitable repair material for your wall.

You’ll want to store your remaining drywall repair kit in an air-tight container, so the material is fresh when the next bump comes along. Keep it away from children and pets, as the materials from these compounds can be toxic.