The best extension cords with switches for easy organization

Remote control and designated extension cords allow you to switch multiple devices on and off at the same time. These hassle-free solutions give you access to your electronics from across the room, so you can stay focused on the work and turn a light on without getting up. They save you time and effort when you’re in the flow.

When you move things around your shop, you can’t let outlet placement slow you down. Forget about unplugging your drill and plugging it in again across the garage. Our favorite extension cord with power switch gives you freedom of movement so you can work faster. Check out our top picks and enjoy the liberty of jumping from one project to another.

Woods Indoor Extension Cord With Remote On/Off Switch

Best Overall

Fifteen feet goes a long way with the Woods Indoor Extension Cord with Remote On/Off Switch. With this convenient extra distance, you can connect any device wherever you’d like, no matter where the outlet is. Besides being longer than most, this cord lets you turn your appliances off without having to unplug them from the wall.

DEWENWILS Remote Control Outlet Power Strip

Best Value

Take your power extension cords to the next level with the DEWENWILS Remote Control Outlet Power Strip. This weatherproof power strip lets you control your indoor or outdoor devices with the click of a button. It’s durable PC exterior is resistant to abrasion, moisture, cold, and sunlight.

Cordinate Switch Plug With Braided Cord

Best for Lamps

Adjust your office lighting without stepping away from your projects with the Cordinate Switch Plug with Braided Cord. This designer extension cord with power switch is an attractive addition to any modern office. Give your study a noticeable upgrade with this elegant outlet extender that’s easy to use and convenient. Its braided cord enhances durability and style while keeping your outlet accessible so you can plug in another item.

Turning devices on and off from across the room can make a bigger difference than you think. If you want to keep moving fast with your work and avoid frequent interruptions, you need one of the extension cords with an on/off switch from our list. These safe and convenient accessories make electric controls that meet your needs.