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The best hand saws for quality woodworking

In general, hand saws have a handle and a thin, flexible, metal saw blade without a rigid back or frame. Hand saws typically have larger teeth than other saws and are used to quickly rough-cut wood to a desired length or width. When you need a good hand saw, these top-of-the-line models — including an electric hand saw — can come in handy.

When purchasing a hand saw, there are several things to keep in mind including the saw type, its tooth shape, and tooth count. For example, the typical tooth configurations are rip and crosscut, and the one you choose will make a difference as to how the saw performs. For help in picking the right one, consider these well-performing hand saws and electric hand saws.

Folding Multi-Purpose Hand Saw by Home Planet Gear

Best for Pruning

Do you prune trees or bushes for a living? The Folding Multi-Purpose Hand Saw by Home Planet Gear can help. The multipurpose saw with an 8-inch, triple cut, carbon steel blade can be used as a branch cutter, a saw to trim trees and limbs, or a general pruning tool. Hardened to remain sharp and reduce friction, the blade features sharp teeth engineered for Japanese-style pull cutting.

Japanese Double Edge Pull Saw by SUIZAN

Best for Woodworking

If you’re seeking an effective hand saw for woodworking jobs, consider the Japanese Double Edge Pull Saw by SUIZAN. It features a 9.5-inch Ryoba double-edge blade and is a pull saw tailored for woodworking. The high-quality, Japanese steel blade is designed to make sharp cuts, and the lightweight tool is engineered to require less power to saw.

Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag by BLACK+DECKER

Best Electric

To make hand sawing a breeze, get a good electric hand saw. The Electric Hand Saw with Storage Bag by BLACK+DECKER fits that description. It features a 3.4-amp, 4,600 SPM motor and 6-foot cord, and can cut wood or metal. It comes with a hand saw, large capacity blade, metal cutting blade, and storage bag.

To cut wood sharply. accurately, and in a straight line, a hand saw still is the top tool option. These leading hand saws and electric hand saws can well serve your cutting-by-hand needs.