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The best light bulb sockets for your new lighting fixtures

Light sockets connect your bulb to a power source, transforming your client’s home from dull to brilliant no matter their choice of illumination. The right light bulb socket also prevents common accidents like electrical fires and fuse blowouts, ensuring safety in any home. We’ve listed the top-performing sockets here to help you make a practical recommendation.

There are many types of light bulb sockets that correlate to your choice of bulb. Common ones include the pin-socket for long, fluorescent bulbs, and bayonet-sockets or screw caps for the popular incandescent bulbs. Bayonet-sockets are commonly referred to as E14 or E27 while screw caps are typically indicated by E12 or E26. Note that the E17 is a small socket for light bulbs that’s reserved for less powerful light sources, and is not as common as the previous models.

These numbers refer to the length of the socket’s threads, or the parts that divert power to your bulb. Other features to consider are heat resistance, extendability, and durability. Some models are also dual-socket adapters for light bulbs that work with different sizes and bulbs shapes. Let’s review our collection.

JACKYLED Extension Hanging Lantern Cord Cable

Best Lamp Bulb Socket

The JACKYLED E26 and E27 socket is our best choice for floor lamps or hanging lamps. A 12-foot cord also makes this ideal for pendant lights and other areas where a conventional desk lamp is unfeasible. An easy-to-reach power button makes a brilliantly illuminated room just a click away. This socket also comes with two ceiling hooks and two cord hooks for mounting.

Lighting EVER E12 to E26 Light Socket Adapter

Best for Efficient Bulbs

Your client wants to cut down on power usage, and these E12 to E26 socket adapters from Lighting EVER is your answer. To use, screw the adapter into an E12 socket and install an E26 bulb or transform a small chandelier socket to a larger E26 type. This bulb holder supports incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs.

JACKYLED GU24 to E26 E27 Adapter 4-Pack Standard Screw-in Socket

Best Socket Converter

The JACKYLED socket is your best friend when you need a socket converter for bringing old-fashioned lighting to the modern day. The convenient four-pack allows you to transform GU24 sockets to an E26 or E27 style throughout the home. Its heat-resistant body is safe against temperatures up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Socket adapters for light bulbs, at their simplest, are bulb holders that act as the bridge between your bulb and your power source. Different styles accommodate assorted bulb types from incandescent to LEDs. Revamp your clients’ lighting with any of the sockets on our list today, bringing in sought-after pendant lights or energy-saving setups.