The best manila envelopes for bulky documents

Manila envelopes are really best for documents. They’re usually large enough so that you don’t need to fold the contents, which is especially important when shipping official materials. And even though they’re typically used for inter-office mail, you can easily use them to ship documents through a post office or mailing service. Here are our top picks for the best manila envelopes.

Made from Manila hemp, these envelopes are usually more durable than regular paper stock ones. That makes them easy to use over and over. Manila envelopes are also great to store important original documents like birth certificates or contracts.

Mead Clasp Manila Envelopes

Best Overall

Mead is a classic company for office equipment, so it's no surprise its manila envelopes are our choice as best overall. These envelopes are made in the USA from heavyweight materials and have a strong, durable clasp. The envelopes have a classic straightforward design that's easy to use, as well.

EnDoc Manila Envelopes

Best Small Size

These mailing envelopes are 6×9 inches, so they give you the maximum space allowed to fit one-stamp shipping through the USPS. They're perfect for when you need to send smaller documents like photos or even ID cards, or for when folding documents isn't an issue. They're also made from heavyweight paper for a stronger construction, making them extremely durable.

Quality Park Clasp Envelopes

Most Durable

If you're looking to get the most out of your reusable manila envelope, these are the ones to get. They have double-prong metal clasps with reinforced eyelets that make it easy to use over and over for a long time. Their durable construction means that they will also not tear at the seams unlike low-quality manila envelopes.

If you or your business need to move a lot of important documents around, you want to have a good number of manila envelopes. They make moving paper between offices easy and can protect important forms in the mail. Not to mention, they are great for storing and filing originals while keeping them protected.