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The best metal pegboards for organizing your workshop

Nobody wants to be digging around a cupboard or drawer for a drill and drill bits when in a rush to finish a job. Having a pegboard greatly improves the organization of your space and allows you to have a seamless workflow.

It’s important to have a tool organization system that works best for your workflow. Choosing the right pegboard for your store or workshop should give you flexibility and create flexibility when you’re performing jobs.

Choose a pegboard that has mounting options that accommodate the tools you wish to store and work well with the area in which you wish to hang the board. Our list looks at three great boards that give you a variety of looks and mounting options.

System X SVS 081 Metal Pegboard

Best Metal Pegboard

The System X has a strong offering, in that all holes on the pegboard are threaded, which means your accessories attach securely to the metal sheet. Each board comes with 12 different hook types, as well as three bin sizes and five different shelf sizes, giving you flexibility to set up a board that works with your needs.

Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

Best Value

The Wall Control pegboard comes as a highly versatile, all-in-one tool organization system. Fancy a black metal pegboard, a white metal pegboard? The Wall Control pegboard comes in 10 powder-coated color varieties. It doesn’t just look great but is made up to 10 times stronger than other conventional boards, allowing you to hang more than many other brands.

This pegboard accepts slotted, stable pegs, hooks, brackets, shelves and ¼-inch pegboard pegs.

Cheap Pegboard Heavy Duty Pegboard

Best Heavy Duty

Don’t let the name and price fool you. This pegboard is constructed with galvanized steel, which means it can handle the weight of all your tools with ease. The Cheap Pegboard comes in a metallic finish and has easy mounting with included installation hardware. The 32-inch by 32-inch storage space accepts traditional ¼-inch round pegboard hooks and pegs and gives the user the ability to set up their tool storage how they see fit.

A pegboard is a small and simple addition to your office or workshop that will provide you with years of storage utility. Pick one according to size, appearance and hanging options.

All three of our pegboards are robust, metal pegboards, but they differ in appearance and hanging options. Any one of these three should have you covered for most wall storage needs.