The best gold spray paints for a sparkling metallic finish

When you need to paint small hardware like hinges, knobs, and drawer pulls, a metallic gold spray paint is a refreshing choice. It offers just enough shine to warm up a room and is easier to apply than brush paints. To save you time on reviewing all the gold spray paints on the market, we’ve compiled this list of the best products to help you choose.

When looking at gold spray paints, look out for different finishes or how shiny you want the end result to look. The spectrum ranges from matte to glossy with satin and metallic in between. Also consider what shade of gold would look best for your project. For instance, a brassy gold might look best on revamping old furniture hardware, while rose gold might look best on home accent goods like plant pots or ceramic statues.

Many metallic gold spray paints feature quick-drying, two-in-one primer and paint formula, which is useful when you’re on a strict deadline. Now, let’s check out our options.

Rust-Oleum American Accents Ultra Cover

Most Versatile

The Rust-Oleum metallic gold spray paint is an interior designer’s best friend as it is the most versatile option for a variety of common surfaces like plastic, metal, wood, and ceramic. Its comfort tip spray nozzle allows you to paint from any angle comfortably. Meet project deadlines ahead of time as this paint dries completely within 20 minutes of application and covers 12 square feet per 12-ounce container (340 grams).

Krylon ColorMaster Paint + Primer

Best Paint & Primer

Krylon’s 12-ounce metallic gold paint is a convenient paint and primer alternative to paint-only options. Its lustrous metallic finish is suitable for indoor metalwork and hardware such as door knockers, knobs, and shelf brackets. An innovative formula allows this paint to dry in just 15 minutes.

Dupli-Color Harvest Gold

Best for Automobiles

The Dupli-Color spray paint matches original Ford vehicle colors, making this the best choice for retouching automobile paint jobs. Its EZ Touch, 360-degree spray nozzle allows for wide coverage and even application for large paint repairs in both cars and motorcycles. To achieve the best results, pair this metallic gold spray paint with Dupli-Color’s Perfect Match Clear Coat.

Gold is a common color used on furniture, mounting hardware, home accent goods, and vehicles. When you need a quick but precise alternative to brush paint, there are plenty of gold spray paints that meet the job requirements. Fortunately, all of the featured products on our list are all compatible with a handful of common industry uses so whichever you choose will exceed your expectations.