The best microphones for computers for recording and other online activities

Microphones for computers are suitable for professional video game streamers, podcast recordings, and music artists. They provide high sound sensitivity and a quick pick up rate to record relevant sounds and filter out rumbling. To help you decide on the best computer microphone for your studio, we’ve rounded up our favorite recording devices here.

Most microphones for computers are actually a type called condenser mics. This device produces clear sounds without echoes and other excess noise. For this reason, you might also grab a computer mic for conference calls or video calls to avoid reverberation even in large meetings.

To connect to your computer, these microphones feature a USB plug-in compatible with common operating systems. Now, let’s check out which mic might work for your studio.

Fifine PC Microphone

Best Overall

The Fifine computer microphone is your best overall alternative for a variety of uses like YouTube voice-overs, video calls, and podcasts. It’s compatible with both Mac and Windows devices using the provided USB cord. Its metal stand features a weighted base to prevent falls.

JOUNIVO USB Computer Microphone

Best Value

JOUNIVO’s computer microphone features an adjustable gooseneck, mute button, and LED indicators. Other design perks like noise-cancelling technology and a durable metal construction make this the best value choice for office use.

TONOR Condenser Computer Mic

Most Versatile

Equipped for gaming, live streaming, podcast recording, conference calling, and voice-overs, this adaptable microphone from TONOR wins the most versatile. To install, simply unfold the stand and adjust the pop filter to your preference. This mic is compatible with Mac and Windows computers but not smart devices or gaming consoles.

A microphone computer is a versatile tool for voice-overs, company video or audio calls, podcasts, and online videos. Their condenser mic bodies record clear audio that filters unnecessary noise. To help make your post-production editing quicker and easier, choose any of the high-quality computer microphones on our list.